Austin A99 Westminster (ADO 10)

This was the first of the large cars that were designed by Farina. The lines followed the usual Farina look with a simple front, and fins at the rear. There were only two versions made with this body style, with the Austin made at Longbridge and the Wolseley version made at Cowley.

The body was available in a two-tone paint scheme as shown above. The facia was rather plain, painted white with the instruments housed in two round dials.

It used the larger 2,912 cc of the C series engine which with its twin SU carburettors produced 103 bhp. The suspension used was an uprated version of the that used on the previously model, but had the addition of a rear anti-roll bar. Transmission was an all new all-synchromes three-speed gearbox with Porsche synchromesh, coupled with a Borg-Warner overdrive which worked on top and second gears. For those wanting an automatic a Borg-Warner automatic transmission was optional.

Austin A99 Estate

Austin A99 Estate Police
Police Version

Although starting off with a centre gear change, this was changed to the steering column, to bring it in line with the saloon in autumn 1951.A tacos estate car based on the A99 Westminster Saloon has recently been announced. It is a conversion on the saloon and is known as the A99 Windsor Estate Car. Any owner of an A99 which is registered and on which purchase as has been paid may take his car to the Windsor Motor Company, Austin Main Dealers, Sheet Street, Windsor, where the conversion is carried out at a retail price of £350, bringing the total cost of the vehicle to under £1,500.

The roof and sides are extended to the rear of the car, and access to the loading compartment is through a single, side-opening door, hinged on: the oft side, (except on earlier models which hinged upwards). 70 cu. ft. of carpeted load space is provided when the rear seat which is similar to that of the car is folded flush with the floor. Even with the rear scats in position over half this volume is still available for load carrying.

The rear road springs are modified to take excess loading of up to 5 cwts. without affecting vehicle balance and the
rear brake limiter valve is replaced with heavy-duty type valves increasing rear braking pressure from 950 lbs. p.s.i. to I 050 lbs. psi.

With higher effective gearing than the saloon by virtue of its 7.50-14 R55 tyres with which the standard 7.00-14's
are replaced it is ideally suited to fast and effortless motorway travel. A prototype has already covered 20,000 miles
of high speed testing fully laden on the new Ross-Spur Motorway M.50, in the hands of the police.

Approximate conversion time is six weeks.


Austin A99 Westminster

Date when launched March 1959
Discontinued in August 1964
Total produced 13,410

2912 cc 103 bhp at 4,500 rpm Max torque158lbs/ft at 2,000 rpm
Length 15ft 8ins Width 5ft 8.5ins Height 4ft 11ins
Wheelbase 9ft 0ins Track front 4ft 6ins rear 4ft 5.3ins

Price ex Works (Oct 1959)
£1,149 with overdrive, £1219 with automatic

Austin A110 Westminster

A110 MK I

The A110 was the replacement for the A99, it had the same body, but externally the main difference was the now horizontal grille bars. The headlamps have lost the bright surround and replaced with a normal surround. The side lights - indicators are now in a rectangular housing, all these simple changes gave a more pleasing appearance to the front.

The wheel base was increased by 2inches by moving the axle rearward on the springs. It was fitted with telescopic shock absorbers at an angle along with more rubber in the axle mountings, this reduced road noise been transmitted into the body. With the axle in its new position it allowed the wheel arches to be modified so the rear seat could be moved giving more leg room.

The engine was now more powerful, by applying modifications as used on the Healey 3000. By making changes to the cylinder head to improve gas flow, this was coupled with a change to the cam profiles on the camshaft. Then a twin-bore exhaust system was fitted. The gear-change was now floor mounted, and after a few months of production power-steering was offered as a option.

Mk I
Date when launched Oct1961
Discontinued in May 1964
Total produced 26,105 Mk I & II

2912 cc 120 bhp at 4,750 rpm Max torque163lbs/ft at 2,750 rpm
Length 15ft 8ins Width 5ft 8.5ins Height 5ft 0.5ins
Wheelbase 9ft 2ins Track front 4ft 6ins rear 4ft 5.3ins

Date when launched May1964
Discontinued in 1968
Total produced 26,105 Mk I & II
Longbridge production finished in 1966,
Cowley continued to make the Wolseley version till 1968

2912 cc 120 bhp at 4,750 rpm Max torque163lbs/ft at 2,750 rpm
Length 15ft 8ins Width 5ft 8.5ins Height 5ft 0.5ins
Wheelbase 9ft 2ins Track front 4ft 6ins rear 4ft 5.3ins

Price ex Works
Basic £998 Deluxe £1077 Auto £1095
Super £1113 Auto £1210

Austin A110 Mk II