Austin A40 Farina Mk I Saloon & Countryman

Yet another world first from Austin with its then revolutionary "hatchback" style, designed by Pinin Farina of Italy which gave the model its name. Its simple clean lines, was as they say a breath of fresh air. In the countryman version the rear window could be lifted to improve access. The final production version did not fully reflect totally the original styling, as the company were unsure that the public would except all of the ideas. (the MkII was nearer the original concept). It was competitively priced and with new fresh styling gained many friends.

It was assembled in many countries from CKD kits, such as Australia, Mexico and South Africa.

Coming off the line in CAB 1

MKI Under Bonnet Layout

Many of the mechanical components were carried over from the A35. The 948cc 'A' series powered both the MkI and MkII but in 1962 the MkII was fitted with the 1098cc engine which continued until the model was discontinued at the end of 1967. When the MkII version came out it had wind up windows, improvements in the interior trim and a new facia. Outwardly the most obvious sign was the full frontal grill incorporating the lights.

A40 Mk I Countryman

Date when launched Saloon 1958-1961 (A-A2S6)
. . . . . . . . Countryman late 1959-1961 (A-AW6)
141,897 Saloons 27,715 Countryman
Total produced including CKD 169,612
948 cc 34 bhp at 4,750 rpm Max torque 50lbs/ft at 2,000 rpm

Length 12ft 0.3ins Width 4ft 11.4ins Height 4ft 4.8ins
Wheelbase 6ft 11ins Track front 3ft 11.5ins rear 3ft 11ins

Price ex Works (Oct 1959) Basic £639 De-luxe £650 Countryman £695

Total produced

Austin A40 Farina Mk II Saloon & Countryman

A40 MKII the first car leaving the track in CAB 2

Date when launched Oct 1961
Saloon 1961-1962 (A-A2S8) 948cc
Countryman 1961-1962 (A-AW8) 948cc
Saloon 1962-1967 (A-A2S9) 1098cc
Countryman 1962-1967 (A-AW9) 1098cc

Discontinued in 1967
35,133 Saloons 14,744 Countryman (948cc)
80,605 Saloons 42,086 Countryman (1098cc)
Total produced including CKD 172,568
948cc 37 bhp at 5,000 rpm Max torque 50lbs/ft at 2,500 rpm
1098cc 48 bhp at 5,100 rpm Max torque 60lbs/ft at 2,500 rpm

Length 12ft 1ins Width 4ft 11.4ins Height 4ft 9.5ins
Wheelbase 7ft 3.1ins Track front 3ft 11ins rear 3ft 11ins

Price ex Works
Saloon Basic £557 Deluxe £600
Countryman Basic £577 Deluxe £618


Engine Layout


Rear Seating

Boot and Tailgate

A40 Van

A van version was also produced in MKI and MKII version, these were based on the Countryman. They were fully trimmed but having a steel panel instead of the rear quarter light. It was a export only model, with most of them going to Finland or Portugal about 600 in total.