Austin A90

A 90 Westminster

The Austin A90 Westminster was announced at the 1954 London Motor Show in October. This was the replacement for the A70 Hereford, so we went from a very rounded body to the complete opposite with the square look. It was to become the larger brother of the already announced A40/50 Cambridge, with the high boot lid.

The body was of the unit-construction type which gave the vehicle great strength without the the need for a chassis. Although a bigger brother to the A40/50 it still used the same doors, which reduced costs. The rear lights were now positioned horizontally as shown below with the spare wheel housed in a tray, that is lowered by means of the starting handle.

Suspension at the front was also similar but was engineered to take the higher loads imposed by the larger engine and body. To help this, the model had a wider track and longer wheelbase.



This was also the first vehicle to have the all new Morris designed six cylinder 'C' series engine which was built at Morris Engines in Coventry. Power was only 85 bhp using a single downdraught Zenith carburettor. Also it had an all new four speed gearbox, incorporating the latest baulk-ring synchromesh for smooth gear changes. It had a steering column gear change which did allow three people to sit in the front.

A90 Engine and Manual Gearbox


Date when launched late 1954
Discontinued in 1956
Total produced 25,532

2,639 cc 85 bhp at 4,000 rpm Max torque 130 lbs/ft at 2,000 rpm

Main measurements
Length 14ft 2.3ins Width 5ft 4ins Height 5ft 3.8 ins
Wheelbase 8ft 7.8ins Track front 4ft 3.5ins rear 4ft 3.3ins
Price ex Works
De-Luxe Jan 1956 £883
Extras Overdrive £63
. Radio ,£39

Austin A95 Westminster

Under-bonnet layout

A95 Rear showing new lights and lower loading height

In September 1956 the A95 was announced which was available in both Saloon and Estate versions. The main external changes to the previous model was that the body was now longer at the rear, with the wings having a more streamline look. The rear window became larger and curved round the side, giving the driver improved rear vision. With a larger boot, the lid now sloping down in a gentle curve to the bumper giving a much lower loading platform. It also received new light clusters incorporated into the rear wings. On the side the new twin mouldings allowed two-tone body colours.

There were major changes at the front with a more striking grille and surround which now included the indicator lights, it also had a much larger bumper. The road wheels were now vented to aid cooling to the brakes, along with different wheel trims.

The engine power was increased just 7bhp to 92bhp. On the transmission front, Borg-Warner overdrive was still an option, but now you could specify the Borg-Warner automation transmission.

A95 Countryman

A estate version was announced at the same time in which the tail gate was split horizontally, this allowed the lower half to drop down to carry longer loads.

Saloon & Countryman

Date when launched late 1956
Discontinued in 1959
Total produced 28,065 (Saloon & Countryman)

2,639 cc 92 bhp at 4,500 rpm Max torque 130 lbs/ft at 2,000 rpm

Main measurements
Length 15ft 0.8ins Width 5ft 4ins Height 5ft 2 ins
Wheelbase 8ft 9.8ins Track front 4ft 3.5ins rear 4ft 3.3ins

Price ex Works
De-Luxe January 1957 £1043 incl £348 Purchase Tax
Extras Overdrive £63 Automatic £172 Radio £39

De-Luxe January 1957 £1216
Extras Automatic £172
. . Radio £39