Conveyor Bridge Over The A38

Artist Sketch of the Project

Bridge Construction 1971 FCP

Conveyor Construction at West Works

No 2 Trentham Paint Shop Been Updated

Conveyor Bridge Control Room In No 5
This is the Control Room, High up in No 5 which controls the
Conveyors from New West all the way to the CABs

Conveyor Bridge July 2006
Conveyor Bridge July 2006

August 2006

img_1728 img_1800
A 1,000 Ton crane is assembled on site

Over the Weekend 5-7 August 2006 the Bridge was removed

img_1838 dscn2779-a img_1850 img_1855 img_1856 img_1862 img_1867 img_1871 img_1875 img_1889
The Crane Crew

Looking down Lickey Road to the Bridge which is no more

This is the end attached to West Works which was removed when the Old West Works was demolished

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