Chassis, Engine and Body Production in 1912.
Austin Catalogue 10hp -15hp models 1912
Pictures of the various departments

The Coach Building Department November 1912

Covers a total area of upwards of 75,000 square feet, all under one roof, and is complete with the best appliances for the production of the highest class work.

The additions to the buildings and equipment of our Carriage Department that have recently been made have enabled us to give more prompt deliveries. The demand has, however, largely increased and we find it necessary to make further extensions. This continued expansion is a proof that our efforts to produce a light, thoroughly well-built and comfortable carriage body at a moderate price are appreciated.

Our large turnover enables us to use the very best materials, labour and machinery, and to keep the various shops in the highest rate of efficiency conditions that are impossible in a small business. The designs that we present are the result of our intimate knowledge of the requirements of automobilists. and in building only for our own chassis we are able to offer refinements unobtainable elsewhere.

We are able to fit any type of body a customer may prefer, at the shortest possible notice. We have a large number of designs, some of which are registered, and the illustrations of these appearing in the following pages will give a general idea of our Standard models. Should, however, a design of body be required which is not represented here, we will be pleased to forward sketches or photographs, or send our Carriage Designer to confer with and advise anyone not able to visit the works.

Luggage cannot be carried under the seats; provision can be made to carry impedimenta on a detachable luggage grille fitted at the rear of the body. Three types of grille are made by us; for particulars and prices see page 36.

We have a very large stock of thoroughly seasoned timber, which has been many years drying under natural conditions, and all the materials used are the best it is possible to obtain.

The painting is carried out under exceptionally favourable conditions, the works being, situate on the south-west side of Birmingham, where there is no chance of dust and smoke from other manufactories spoiling, the finish. The colours and embellishment will be carried out to the customers wishes. Suggestions and samples may be had on application.

Special requirements receive proper consideration, our aim being to supply cars which will give every possible satisfaction.

The prices of carriage-work for the 15 HP. Chassis include the mounting of body on the chassis, metaledged platform steps with rubber or aluminium tread, necessary mudguards, painting and upholstering car throughout to client's own colour selection, and a pair of paraffin side and tail lamps. For the 15 H.P. Open Phaetons and all the 10 H.P. models the same conditions apply, except that linoleum tread to platform steps is standard. High side doors to driving seat are included in the prices quoted for all carriage-work.

The Following Models use the 10 hp. Standard Chassis with a 8ft. 3in. or 9ft. Wheelbase

The "Melbourne" Two-Seater

The "MELBOURNE” Two-Seater. A cheaper form of Two-Seater than the "Coquette " illustrated below. but one in which the same amount of comfort is assured, although the accommodation provided for is less.

Extras:- Victoria Hood, Glass Screen and Dickey Seat

The "Coquette" Two-Seater

The " COQUETTE" Two-Seater. A smart carriage for the owner driver. Has plenty of leg room and the high side doors with scuttle dash afford ample protection and comfort under all conditions.

Extras:- Victoria Hood, Glass Screen and Dickey Seat

The "Ranelagh" Two-Seater

A luxurious Phaeton for the owner-driver, with special scuttle dash. There is ample leg and elbow room, and all fittings and the workmanship throughout are of the highest class, With standard or raked steering. Extras:- Victoria Hood, Glass Wind Screen and Dickey Seat, Special Electric Side and Tail Lamps, and Head Lights and Brackets.

The "Sirdar" Phaeton

A type of Four-Seated which Phaeton which will be found very suitable for general work. Sometimes preferred to the "Vitesse" Phaeton. With standard steering only.
Extras:- Glass Hood and Glass Screen.

The "Vitesse" Phaeton 10 hp.

A Flush-sided Phaeton to seat persons, giving the maximum of comfort for tour and general work. With standard or raked steering.
Extras:- Cap Hood and Glass Screen.

The "Aylesford" Cabriolet
The Aylesford Cabriot

A useful Carriage for shopping, the theatre, paying calls, and having searing accommodation for four persons, including driver. With standard steering only. The Brake Lever is outside on Standard Model.
Extras:- Head Lights and Brackets, Metal Mudguards between steps and frame.

The "Clifton" Coupe
Austin-Clifton-Coupe 19xx

A handsome carriage for Town Work, with ample accommodation for four persons, including the driver It embodies all the latest improvements, being well ventilated without being subjected to draughts, The occupants have an uninterrupted view on all sides, the provision of frameless windows increasing the facilities in this respect and at the same time allowing the carriage to be well lit. Wide side doors are provided and a spring-blind canopy affords protection from showers to the occupants of the front seat. With standard steering only.
Extras:- Head Lights and Brackets.

The "Hanover" Landaulet

A light-built Carriage to seat four persons. Very useful for town work and quite tour. With Standard Steering only.
Extras:- Head Lights and Brackets, Metal Mudguards between steps and frame.

The Following Models use the 15 hp. Standard Chassis with a 9ft. 3in. or 9ft. 7in. Wheelbase

The "Harrogate" Two-Seater

A cheaper form of Two-Seater than the "Ascot,"with Dickey Seat at rear for one person. With standard or raked steering; the later is recommended. Note: Instead of a Dickey Seat and Small Tool Box, we can fit a Larger Tool Box with Luggage Rail suitable for carrying Spare Tyres, etc. at a reduction of £5 from the price of Carriage-work. Extras:- Victoria Hood and Glass Wind Screen.

The "Harrow" Two-Seater

An alternative design to the "Ascot" having a deep scuttle dash and extra wide seat. With raked steering only.
Extras:- Dickey Seat Victoria Hood and Glass Screen.

The "Ascot" Two-Seater Phaeton

A comfortable and very high quality Car for the owner driver. Two extra passengers can be accommodated on the Folding Dickey Seat. With standard or raked steering; the latter is recommended. Instead of a Tool Box, we can fit a Larger Tool Box with Luggage Rail suitable for carrying Spare Tyres, etc, with a reduction of £5 from the price of Carriage-work.

The "Sirdar" Phaeton

A well-design body with all the latest improvements. A throughly satisfactory touring car. To seat four persons. With raked steering only. Extras:- Cape Hood, Glass Wind Screen, Metal Shield between steps and frame. Special Electric Side and Tail Lamps. Waterproof Covers to seat backs, etc.

The "Vitesse" Phaeton

A type of Touring Phaeton of the very highest quality. A roomy and comfortable car to seat four persons. with raked steering only. Extras:- Glass Wind Screen, Cape Hood, Metal Mudguards between Steps and Frame.

The "Killarney" Phaeton

A much admired design of flush-sided Phaeton. It has a scuttle dash ample leg room. A throughly satisfactory car for touring and general work. Extra:- Glass Wind Screen, Cape Hood, and Luggage Grille.

The "Harley" Doctor's Coupe

Particularly suitable for the professional user. It is very light and roomy and can be throughly recommended. with raked steering only. Can be had with or without a dickey seat. Extra:- Mudguards between Steps and Frame.

The "Levee" Single Landaulet

A very elegant carriage for Town work and quite touring. A useful vehicle for Shopping, Paying Calls, Visiting, etc. with standard steering only. To six persons.Extras:- Canopy Extension and Screen, head Lights., Brackets, and Luggage Grille.

The "Whitehall" Limousine

A desirable Carriage for Social Functions. sometimes preferred to the Landaulet. With standard steering only. To seat six persons. Extras:- Head LLights and Brackets, Special Side Lamps and Extra Horn, Acetylene Generator Box on steps.

The "Oxford" Cabriolet

An exceeding popular typeof Carriage, combining the essential features for Touring or Town work. Much in vogue at the present time. with standard steering only. Extras:- Metal Mudguard between Steps and Frame, Head Lights and Brackets. Special Electric Side and Tall Lamps.

The "Spinet" Limousine

An elegant, entirely enclosed Carriage for the owner driver, having accommodation for five persons. Well suited for Town Work, Shopping, and Theatre, Paying Calls, etc. With standard or raked steering.

Victoria Hoods

For an open Car a hood is a necessity, and while giving proper pritection to the occupants, it must be light, elegant, easily cleaned and durable. Prior to the production by us of the special leather enamelled on both sides, the only material available for the purpose were canvas or waterproofed twill. These cannot be considered elegant, giving the car, as they do, a van-like appearance, and they are difficult or impossible to clean, and soon wear out.

Even on the score of weight they are much inferior to leather hood, which is over 25 per cent. lighter, bearing in mind the essential features already mentioned, and combining these with a framework and fittings conforming to the same standard, we consider that, in our registered design here illustrated, we have leather hood which answers all demands made upon it, and overcomes the objections to which we have alluded.

Having only one front support, access to either front or rear seats is unimpeded, it folds down much neater, it is more elegant when in use, and very much lighter. It is quite an easy matter for two persons to raise or lower it.

The sidepieces to project the rear seat also prevent the back draught so unpleasant in hoods fully open at the sides. we offer it as the nearest possible substitute for a covered car. We have already built a large number, which give general satisfaction. Made in either enamelled leather or waterproof twill.

Austin Luggage Grilles

These Grilles will be found very convenient. They are strongly made of wrought-iron by our own coachsmiths, and are light and not unsightly. They can be thoroughly recommended.

They will be painted to match coachwork. The extra heavy type includes the panel protectors shown in the illustration.

How to order an Austin Car.

A good deal of unnecessary delay will be avoided if clients will bear in mind that it is absolutely necessary when ordering a Car to state the undermentioned particulars. No work can be commenced on the Chassis until these are in our possessions:-

1, The HP. and type
2, The length and style of the frame
3, The type of body to be mounded on the chassis and its weight if we are not to supply the Coachwork, whether to be fitted with hood or screen.
4, The ration of the gearing in rear axel.
5, If nickel or brass finish.
6, If detachable or standard wheels are to be used, State diameter and size of tyres.
7, If steering is to be standard or raked.
8, If an extra air inlet is to be fitted.
9, Any other special requirements, whether they are indicated in the catalogue or not.

NB. The above particulars should be supplied even if an enquiry only is intended.