Since the last Olympia motor show the Austin Motor Company have added two new models to their range and also six new bodies. Further, there are numerous improvements. A new 4-cylinder car of 11.9 li.p. is known as the Light Twelve Four. It has a bore and stroke of 69.3 and 101.6 mm., making the engine of 1,535c.c. capacity. The brake horse power at 2,400 r.p.m. is stated to be 24. Of particular interest are the special mountings which serve as insulators from vibration. 4t the front the engine bracket is in the form of a tube and is carried high up, sup-porting the engine just under the dynamo bracket, the spindle of which carries the fan. The two rearmost supports have silentbloc bushes.

With the increasing popularity of the small economical 4-cylinder car, designers have rightly paid attention to the reduction of engine and transmission vibration. The crankshaft of this Austin runs in three large diameter bearings. The general design follows Austin practice and is clean, with the valves at the side. The inlet and exhaust manifolds are combined in one casting with the horizontal type of carburettor fitted at the top; thus the mixture is properly heated for efficient running. The arrangement, makes the valve chamber accessible, and the exhaust is taken down towards the front end of the engine. This system of induction is being adopted on a number of the 1933 Austins. Lubrication is forced by a gear type pump. The clutch and trans-mission are similar in principle to those on the Twelve Six, as are also the frame, the brakes, the suspension, and the steering. The four forward overall gear ratios are 5.5, 8.6, 13.4, and 20.8 to 1. The gearbox is of the twin-top type. Wheelbase, track, and ground clearance of this Light, Twelve Four are 8ft. 10ih., 4ft. 2in., and 7iin., while the turning circle is 42ft, There are four body styles. The saloon de luxe has a sunshine roof, the best upholstery with side and central arm rests, bumpers front, and rear, and there are six side windows. The standard saloon has a fixed head and ordinary finish. The other two are the four-end two-seater tourers.


The Austin Seven is being continued, as its popularity shows no signs of diminishing. The petrol tank is now at the back - a safety point - and the feed is by a. mechanically operated pump. The starter has been moved from over the flywheel, where it used to protrude through the floorboard, and it is now alongside the engine. A horizontal pattern of carburettor is fitted to a combined inlet and exhaust mani-fold, and there are several minor improvements to the control A four-speed twin-top gear-box is an important provision, which should make the car an even better proposition. The forward overall ratios are 5.25, 9.5, 14.4, and 23.3 to I. Appearance and body details have been improved, and rubber floor and step mats added. There are a de luxe saloon, a standard saloon with fixed head, and four-and two-seater tourers. The two-seater is of new design with improved lines on the long wheelbase chassis similar to the saloon. The saloon model has a new grouped instrument panel, which is set to the off side to allow the provision of a large parcel recess in the dash.

The 10 h.p., which was recently introduced, is of course being continued, and the company have found but little to modify in the design. The body lines at the back, however, have been made more graceful On the de luxe and a touring models bumpers and Magna wheels have been added. The standard saloon and the tourers are new models, being now shown to the public for the first, time. The Light Twelve Six and the Austin Twelve are also being made, and there is a good range with these models. There is a new body on the Sixteen, known as the Berkeley. This coach-work is for five persons and has clean sweeping lines with streamline front, new waist-line mouldings, and a new luggage carrier and rear apron. By altering the mounting of the body on the frame it has been possible to lower the total height without spoiling the inside. There are the usual de luxe fittings, such as folding tables, folding footrests, armrests, and so forth.

The Westminster saloon is a four-window model. There is also touring coachwork on the Sixteen. A new seven-seated body with a division behind the driver's seat so that the car is adaptable for both owner and chauffeur driving is the Ranelagh on the 20 h.p. chassis. The Whitehall model, introduced at the last Olympia show, is being continued. The fittings are similar to the larger car, except that it is a five-seater without a division. The bigger Austin models now have thermostatic control for the cooling system.


In some cases reductions in price have been made possible by improvements in manufacturing processes and not by any sacrifice in the quality of material. In the 20 h.p. class the Ranelagh limousine is still priced at £575 but the Whitehall saloon has been reduced from £525 to £498. In the 16 h.p. class the Berkeley saloon has fallen from £335 to £318. the Westminster from £360 to £345; and the tourer and the Harrow two-seater have both been reduced from £300 to £288. The latter price includes bumpers and Magna wheels it both cases.

Price reductions are not so general in the 12 h.p. ales, although here the tourer and the Harrow two-seater are offered at, £5 below the old figure of £260 (bumpers and Magna wheels included). There have been all-round reductions in price in the Light Twelve Six class The Harley de luxe saloon has been reduced from £235 to £218; the Standard saloon from £208 to £198; and the tourer and the Eton two-seater from £208 to £195 (including bumpers and Magna wheels). The prices for the Light Twelve Four class are, Saloon de luxe, £198; Standard saloon, £178; tourer and two-seater, £168 each (including bumpers and Magna wheels). The 10 h.p. Saloon de luxe is still being sold at the old price of £163 The price for the 10 h.p. Standard saloon is £155, and for the tourer and two-seater £140 each (including bumpers and Magna wheels). The prices of the popular - Austin Seven ' models also show a fall. The Saloon de luxe has dropped from £128 to £125; the Standard saloon from £118 to £115, the tourer from £118 to £110; and the two-seater from £118 to £103.