GOB and Methods building

The long building on the Lickey Road was built in 1931 as a Service Department for Austin owners. After the War the Service Department moved to the Flight Shed in Lowhill Lane. The building then became mainly used as an office for various departments, this is how it got its new name General Office Block (GOB). The end of the building by Lowhill Lane housed various staff and management canteens, along with the Post Room and the Telephone Exchange.

Lowhill Lane End

This brick building shown here was another canteen. and the corrugated building had many uses, such as the publicity stores, pilot plant for the making of the foam seats for the 1100 models. In the later years the brick building became Methods Build, preproduction builds of the new models before production started, they only did the vehicles that would be made at Longbridge. The corrugated building became the Chassis Development for all new models in 1970s, they then moved to the Flight Shed in the late 1980s and at this point methods expanded into the space. The last models that were built there were the New Mini in 1999/2000, which were going to be built at Longbridge but ended up at Cowley.

page133_2Methods Building page133_3 Main South Staff Canteen page133_4 Other end of the GOB page133_5 This view shows the bridge that connects to the Kremlin
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