East Works It was in the spring of 1936, that negotiations were begun by Austin's to acquire 23 acres of adjoining land from local farmers in Groveley Lane, Cofton Hackett. The Bromsgrove RDC approved the plans in April and the aim was to complete the new factory in six months at a cost of £300,000. Construction started in August to erect this shop which measured 1530ft by 410ft and covered 20 acres. When the facility was fully up and running it employed over 5,000 employees. It produced Stirling & Lancaster Bombers in kit-form, but also produced complete Fairey Battle and Hurricane aircraft that took off from the works airfield. Click here for more info It had many roles after the War,
Truck production along with Austin Champ, Austin Gipsy. Its main role in the late 50s was the production of the engines and gearboxes (A series) for the front-wheel range of cars. At the height of production in the mid 60s weekly production was running at 15,000 units. Its next major change was the production of the all new 'K' series engine.

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This was built to produce the 'E' series engine, on a green field site next to East Works. When the engine was discontinued, the factory produced Mini suspensions and also the R65 gearbox.

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