Austin 7-Tonner 702

BMC 702 Flat Truck
Austin 702 Platform truck

This new Austin 7-ton 702 model was announced in Autumn 1958.

With its modem forward-control cab, choice of wheelbase, and very competitive pricing. This 702 has a single-speed rear axle, high-efficiency cam gear steering, and a brilliant new cab. The Eaton two-speed rear axle and Hydrosteer power-assisted steering which were included in the specification of the previous 7-tonner are available as optional extras.

Driver-Comfort Studied

A feature of the cab which should appeal strongly to drivers is the 'square door opening with convenient steps below the door edge and at the rear of the cab. For those wishing for still further help in entering, a step ring can be fitted as an optional extra. Other attractions are the excellent visibility offered by the deep, curved windscreen, the extremely comfortable seats, and that very popular Austin feature- adjustment of the driver's seat both for height and leg reach. All cabs have hinged ventilating louvres and balanced windows to the doors. Heating and demisting, with fresh-air ventilation, is available as an extra.

Other details that will appeal to every long-distance driver who takes pride in arriving fresh and clean with his vehicle are: an enamel interior finish; double-skin roof and back panel; and heat deflector for the exhaust pipe to prevent overheating of the interior.

The instruments are neatly grouped with a cowled panel. There is provision for radio and dashboard thermometer. Two recesses for documents are conveniently placed in the scuttle. A steering-column-mounted switch unit combines lighting, dipping, and horn controls. Flashing indicators and dashboard thermometer, both standard with Export models, are available as optional extras for Home users.

Good Access For Engine Maintenance

Easily detachable side covers to the cowl afford complete access to the six-cylinder diesel engine. The oil filler is reached through another hinged trap door at the top.

Wheelbase and Body Lengths

Available as a chassis-cab unit with three wheelbase lengths, the 150 and 160 inch. wheelbase models are additionally available as platform or dropside units. A 14-in. frame extension for extra-long bodies is an optional extra for the 160 inch chassis.

BMC 702 Cab Interior

Comfort is the keynote of the cab. Both seats have foam-rubber cushions. The fixed passenger's seat covers a tool locker. Access doors make routine engine maintenance easy, whilst the exhaust has a heat deflector which maintains a comfortable temperature for driving

BMC 702 Drivers Adjustable Seat
The driver's seat is adjustable fore and aft, as well as for height.

Optional Equipment

The following additional equipment can be supplied to order:

Built-in radio; heater and demister (single or twin units); hydraulic shock absorbers; mechanical tyre pump; step-
rings for front wheels; heavy-duty wheel and tyre equipment (see specification details); direction indicators-.
radiator thermometer; 14-in. frame extension for 160-in. chassis/cab or chassis/scuttle.

Principal Details

 Austin 702 Principle DetailsBMC 702 Truck Specifcation A

BMC 702 Truck Performance

Fuel consumption (10i tons gross):
At 22 m.p.h. average over 160 miles ... ... 13.9 m p g.
Gross ton/miles per gallon ... ... ... ... ... ... 142.5
(equals 3,135 ton/miles p.g./p.h.)

Prices of Austin 702 Trucks. All the following include purchase tax.

BMC 702 Truck Prices

Extra: Power-assisted steering (all models) £41 11s. 3d. (all models)
Two-speed rear axle (all models) £210 6s. 3d. (all models)