Town Centre, Phase 1.
(Update 18-02-13)

The main buildings under construction are Sainsbury’s 85,000 sq ft store, Premier Inn 75 bedroom and Beefeater Grill. Sainsbury’s are on Longbridge Lane and the new High Street, with the other two behind Bournville College. These buildings will be handed over April/May by the builder, but will not be opening till late autumn.

Along with the main three players, there are also 20 other shop units varying in size. Over 80% of these units are already pre-let or under offer. Six of these are small units on Longbridge Lane between Sainsburys and the railway.

Picture AA
Small units on the left with Sainsbury’s on the right.

Picture B
Sainsbury's Longbridge Lane - High Street


Picture CC

Park Point is the new high quality flexible office space, with a total floor space of 16,529 sq ft. Units are available from 1,442 sq ft upwards. Its position gives a view over Austin Park.

Longbridge Lane Park and Ride

Longbridge Lane

Planning application has been submitted to Birmingham Planning by Centro to build a Park and Ride on the land that was formally had eight semi-detached houses. It will accommodate 103 cars including 5 places for the disabled.


River Rea - Austin Park

Picture F

The work on diverting the River Rea and the area which will be called Austin Park is progressing well and will be open at the same time as the New Town Centre.

Town Centre Phase 2

Planning application has just been submitted to Birmingham City Planning for Longbridge Town Centre Phase 2. This will include the following.

A) 135,000 sq ft anchor retail store.
B) 400 space decked car park
C) 300 space car park.
D) Associated access, landscaping and infrastructure.

It is expected that this will create up to another 200 jobs.

Other plans in the pipeline are.

Longbridge Station is to get a face lift.
The line to Bromsgrove to be electrified, allowing people to have a direct route to Longbridge.

Longbridge is served by excellent public transport links, with Longbridge Train Station just a short walking distance and over 350 buses per day passing the site. Birmingham city centre is eight miles away and the M5 (junction 4) and M42 (junction 2) motorways are three miles away

Lickey Road Improvements

Work has already started on Lickey Road. This is the area up from the Island that was tarmac area, for the trams and buses. The area by St Columba’s Primary School will have a designated area for the parents to park. The area from the car-park to the Island will now be grassed.

Picture G

South Experimental

The last part of the original factory has finally been demolished to make way for more houses on the Lickey Road.

Picture H

Picture I
Lickey Road looking towards the Drawing Office

Update 15 November 2012

Development on Lickey Road - Phase 2


Planning application has been submitted to Birmingham Planning to extend the housing development called 'Park View' Northwards along Lickey Road. This is the area which covered the following buildings in 2000, Materials Lab located on the test hill, a double workshop which was built in the early 60s, with the rear one used for the development of the Austin Maxi and 3litre. The front workshop was the Press Garage, this came under the umbrella of the Publicity Department and at the time prepared all the Models in the BMC range from Mini to the 4litre R which were loaned to the Motoring journalists to test.

South Experimental Department was on the Lickey Road. Two bays of this building were refurnished around 1998 when the Medical Block was moved from 'K' gate in the BMW era to make way for the New Mini, Body in White Shop, which never happened.

View from the Drawing Office, towards the New Bournville College.
On the left is the South Experimental with the Materials Lab
Press Garage and Prototype Build (1963 to 68 approx.) on the right


Looking towards the South Experimental Right with the New Houses on the Left

View from Lickey Road

19 August 2012

Latest plans for the Town Centre and Austin Park


The main changes to the Town Centre are that provision has been allocated for a new
130,000 sq ft retail unit. Future phase to include Employment, Leisure, & Community Facilities.

Austin Park revised plans


Changes have now been proposed for the Austin Park. This is because in the original overall plan for the redevelopment of the Longbridge site, the Railway Bridge (A38) was also to be demolished, but this has now been abandoned. So the course of the River Rea under the bridge will remain as it is. These changes will make the Park larger but a different shape (see 5 March update showing original scheme). This will improved pedestrian access to the Town Centre and College from the Rubery area as they will be able to walk under the bridge on what was the bed of the railway lines, see below. You will see from the above plan that the revised plan will allow for further development on the Bristol Road by Bournville College.

View A Railway Bridge


The Factory
(Youth Centre)

This will be officially opened in September




Sports Facilities


Town Centre

Sainsbury's - corner of Longbridge Lane and High Street

View looking up the High Street


View of the new shops in Longbridge Lane (between Sainsbury's and the railway line)

View of the new Premier Inn

In the foreground the New Restaurant (Beefeater) and Offices at the rear.


Changes planned for the Longbridge Station Area
Longbridge Public Realm Improvements (Longbridge Lane)

The Longbridge Area Action Plan (LAAP) identifies public realm and traffic management measures required on Longbridge Lane to support the new town centre development and link this with the Sunbury Road shops and Longbridge Rail Station. The project proposal reflects a key request originally made by the local community.

The proposals include:

. . . public transport elements including additional bus stops, facilities for short term station drop-off parking and . . . . . 'ring and ride' services.

. . . widened footways and higher quality paving materials.

. . . improved pedestrian routes and crossing facilities.

. . . new public square, lighting, planting, landscaping and forecourt improvements.

These proposals aim to:

. . . improve the experience of arrival at Longbridge

. . . help secure the future of the Sunbury Road shops by providing a better link with the new town centre.

. . . improve road safety and the public realm for the benefit of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.

. . . encourage sustainable travel options to reduce congestion in the immediate area


You will see that the main difference in the road layout, is that the dual carriageway will go to a single carriageway before the Railway Station, when approaching from the Bristol Road. At the moment it goes to a single carriageway after the Station. The main reasons for the change is that it will give more space for the buses to stop, also Taxis and cars will have space to drop or pick passengers close to the station.

View 1

View 2

View 3

View 4

Update 5 March 2012

Town Centre

The next phase of the Longbridge development is the Sainsbury's store along with other shops in the High Street and Longbridge Lane.


Site of the new Sainsbury's store



View looking down the High Street towards Sainsbury's

Austin Park

Work will commence on the Austin Park later this year
View looking from the Bristol Road

Work on the new bed of the River Rea

Phase Two

Office Accommodation, Restaurant, Hotel (75 Bed) & Shops will be built on the temporary car park in phase 1.


View looking up the High Street
75 Bed Premier Inn Hotel & Beefeater Grill Restaurant on the right

View from Bournville College

View from the South

Update 24 Jan 2012

Youth Centre
This is due to open in June



Front - Longbridge Lane


Nearing completion