Leonard Lord

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Austin 3 Litre
. . . . . . . . . . . For information on this Austin model visit this website
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. http://www.austinthreelitre.co.uk/


Classic A-Series Engined Cars, whether it is Austin, Morris, Riley, Mini, Vanden Plas, MG etc,
and even the Kit Cars based on the Classic Mini design.


Austin-Ex-Appretices The website for all who served their Apprenticeship at Longbridge

BMHIT Library pictures

At this website you are able to view and purchase from a selection of pictures owned by British Motor Industry Heritage Trust

Austin Ten Driver's Club
Austin Cars and Vans 10hp to 28hp 1931 to 1939. A friendly club providing best services to encourage maximum enjoyment from driving your Austin.


Austin 10
Watch the progress on the restoration of an 1938 Austin 10


Austin 8
Information on the Austin Eight


The Vintage Austin Register VAR
For Austin vehicles built between 1906 and the late 1930s


Federation of Austin Clubs, Registers, & Association.


This family oriented club in Australia caters for the entire Austin range. Ownership of an Austin is not essential to join, we hold monthly meetings and social club runs/rallies.


Austin K9 Truck

This is the site for the K9 Register

Austin Grasshopper
x x x x For information on Austin Grasshopper visit this Web site


Australian Austin A30 Car Club
If you own or are interested in the Austin A30, this is the club for you.


Austin A40 Farina Club


British Classic Cars

The britishmadecarclub is for owners and enthusiasts of all British made classic cars. We are a national club, with regional area groups, and aim to make owning a classic vehicle fun.


Car Brochures

If you are interested in car brochures, this site is a must.

British Motor Manufactures
If you are interested in other British car makes, then have a look at this site which covers the years from 1894 to 1960.


Birmingham's Industrial History

For information on the Industrial History of Birmingham.


The Austin Champ Owners' Club (ACOC) was established for Owners &
Enthusiasts - Past, Present and Future. Our objective is to raise the
profile of the Austin Champ and provide a source of information and
contacts for people interested in these vehicles


Meastro & Montego

The Maestro & Montego Owners Club is open to all owners and enthusiasts of these 1980s Austins, with the primary aims of promotion, preservation and enjoyment of all models.


The new MINI Club of Ireland, miniclub.ie! This is, without a shadow of a doubt, Ireland's busiest MINI Club, but lets state this now - we're a club for ALL cars, Mokes, Classics, Midas, Marcos, Rileys, Wolseley, if it's to do with MINI, we want you with us.



Visit this site if you wish to keep up to date on what is happening in the Mini World


Austin Vintage Club in Scotland

The Scottish Vintage Austin Enthusiasts Club was formed in 1995 and caters for all Austins up to 1950. With a membership of some 36 mainly post vintage owning enthusiasts. Monthly meetings are held along with various functions.



A useful site that holds information on over 42,00 vehicles, including over 7,000 pictures. If you are looking for a particular vehicle, this site may just be the answer.


Nash Metropolitan

If you wish to know more about the Nash Metropolitan then this web site is for you.


Austin Apache

If you would like to know about the Austin Apache that was made in South Africa then click on the link


Austin Healey Club UK

The UK's national Austin Healey Club, with links to the UK club Centres


The Swiss Austin - Morris - Wolseley Friends

The Swiss Austin - Morris - Wolseley Friends is a club for owners and enthusiasts of the mentioned Marks. We are the largest club in the German speaking part of Europe.


Austin Allegro Club

If you are interested in the Austin Allegro why not contact the club.

www.allegroclubint.org.uk ......... crippsandy@msn.com

Rover 75


For Rover 75 information www.rover75.eu

British Car Museum - New Zealand . . . . . www.britishcarmuseum.co.nz