When Longbridge closed in April 2005, for employees this devastating event was like a family bereavement. Colleagues lost contact with workmates they had known for many years.

So, Where Are You Now ?

Through this new page people who worked at Longbridge from the 1930s to 2005 now have the opportunity to make contact with their former workmates, to share pictures and stories which will bring back many memories.

Before they end up in a skip it is very important that we try to save the many pieces of memorabilia that former employees have, which are probably now gathering dust. Please look out those items, so that they can be shared with us all.

Please fill in the questionnaire at the bottom of the page, and lets start the ball rolling.

It will only work if
YOU and others contribute.

So how will it WORK.

After I receive your contact details etc, you will receive an email to confirm this.

When the data base has sufficient numbers, then everyone will be emailed to inform them that they can ask if I have details on a particular person (Name etc).

Two things will then happen.

(1) If I don't have a match, I will inform the person who made the enquiry, but will keep the request on file.

2) If I find a match I will contact the person you wish to make contact with, and ask them if they wish to be contacted or not. If they say YES I will send you their email address. If no I will inform you accordingly.

If I receive sufficient material, then it would be possible to email a Newsletter out ever six months. Later on next year a Reunion could be arranged in the Longbridge area.

So please inform everybody you already know who worked at Longbridge or Kings Norton, to visit the site and fill in the form

Kind Regards
John Baker

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