Austin Design Product Numbers

When BMC was formed (1952) it was decided in Product Engineering
to bring out the ADO series for new products
Contrary to popular belief ADO does not stand for Austin Drawing Office
In fact it stands for Amalgamated Drawing Office

ADO Number
Allocated To
Project and Production Vehicle

Hire Car

Austin Taxi - FL2, FL2D, FX4, FX4D


Austin A40 (Farina style)

Austin A40 Farina


B-Series Farina models

4-door saloon & 5-door estates Austin A55 Morris Oxford SV MG Magnette MKIII Wolseley 15/60 Riley 4/68 (1958-59)

ADO 10

Austin Westminster update

Austin A99/Wolseley 6/99

ADO 12

Ebert infinitely variable Hydrostatic transmission

Fitted experimentally to Austin A35

ADO 13

Small 2-seat sports car

Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I

ADO 14

5-door saloon, 1500-1750cc engine

Austin Maxi,

ADO 15

Small 2-door saloon

The Mini range & derivatives

ADO 16

2-door & 4-door saloon

Austin/Morris 1100/1300 including MG Riley Wolseley & Vanden Plas

ADO 17

4-door saloon 1800-2201

Austin/Morris 1800 FWD. including 'S' Wolseley & 2200 versions

ADO 19

Cross-country vehicle

Austin 'Ant', based on ADO16 Parts

ADO 20

Facelift ADO 15

Minis with wind-up door glass, Mini MKIII & Clubman also later versions

ADO 21

Mid-engine sports car ADO 14 'E' series engine

MGB replacement. Concept only

ADO 22

Major facelift for ADO 16

1967, but cancelled by British Leyland.

ADO 23

Replacement for MGA


ADO 24

Revised Austin-Healey

Similar shape and chassis, fitted with Rolls Royce 4cyl FB60 engine from Princess R

ADO 25

6-cylinder engine

6 cyl. version of the Maxi ‘E’ series

ADO 26

Updated Austin-Healey

3000 MKIII

ADO 27

This code was used for various projects

Facelift for 1500cc Wolseley/Riley models. Australian version of ADO17 (Tasman-Kimberley)

ADO 28

2-4 door saloon & 5 door estate

Morris Marina range, Austin Marina in the USA

ADO 30

Austin- Healey 3000

Known as S4 but also as Fireball XL5 with new chassis and 4 litre RR FB60 from Princess R

ADO 31

MGA with 1600cc engine

MGA 1600

ADO 32

‘E’ series engine updates

ADO 34

Mini FWD sports car

A MG model prototype built

ADO 35

Coupe version of the above

ADO 36

Austin Healey of ADO 34-35

No prototypes built

ADO 37

Vanden Plas version of the ADO 10 'C' series A99 & Wolseley 6/99

Princess 3 litre, then VDP Princess

ADO 38

B series Farina Facelift

A60-Morris OxfordSVI MG Magnette

ADO 39

New Taxi Cab

MKIV Riley 4/72 Wolseley 16/60

ADO 40

Australia version of the A40 Farina

To replace ADO 6, styling mock-up only

ADO 41

Restyled ADO 13 Frog-eye Sprite

Austin Healey MK II

ADO 44

Revised A40 Farina

A40 Farina MK II

ADO 46

Diesel versions of ADO 38 'B' series Farina range

Austin A60 & Morris Oxford

ADO 47

MG version of ADO 41

MG Midge MK I

ADO 49

Pick-up version of ADO 9/38 Farina range

Riley front-end Siam di Tella 1500 pick-up built in Argentina

ADO 50

High performance versions

Austin-Morris Mini Cooper & S

ADO 51

Austin Healey version of ADO 52 MGC

Car was never built, Donald Healey objected

ADO 52

6 cylinder version of ADO 23 MGB

Became MGC

ADO 53

Revised ADO 10 Austin A99 Wolseley 6/99

Became Austin 110 & Wolseley 6/110

ADO 58

Rolls Royce joint project

One prototype made

ADO 59

Morris Minor with 1098cc engine

New engine replaces 948cc engine

ADO 61

Replacement for ADO 10/53 3 litre saloons

Austin 3 litre saloon Wolseley & Vanden Plas versions. Planned but not built

ADO 66

Rolls Royce engine version of ADO 53 Austin A110 & Wolseley 6/110

Became Vanden Plas Princess 4 litre

ADO 67

ADO 16 replacement 1100/1300

Austin Allegro range & Vanden Plas 1500

ADO 68

2-dr Coupe based on ADO 28 Marina floor pan and running gear

Project from 1969 called Condor. May have been badged as a MG. Project cancelled

ADO 69

Replacement for ADO 6 Austin Taxicab

Started in 1970, but soon cancelled

ADO 70

Sports coupe based on ADO 20

Styled by Michelotti, prototype built, project cancelled

ADO 71

Replacement for ADO 17

Became 18/22 "Wedge' Austin/Morris/Wolseley/Princess

ADO 73

Update to ADO 28 Marina

Mark II version and Ital facelift

ADO 74

Replacement for ADO 20 range K series engine

Never got pass the concept stage

ADO 75

MG based on the MGB with Rover V8 engine

Produced in small quantities at Cowley as the MGB GT V8

ADO 76

Revised MGB

MG MGB & MGB GT V8 had black plastic bumpers for USA only

ADO 77

Replacement for the ADO 73 Ital range

Only mock-ups produced

ADO 88

Super Mini to replace Mini range

After various prototypes built, improved and became LC8

ADO 99

Replacement for Allegro range based on a 99in wheelbase

Changed over time to become the Austin Maestro LM 10