Austin Memorabilia

With a company that was 100 years old,
there are many examples of what we call


Here are some examples

Austin Corkscrew

In WW1 most men would be called up for service, but the company could apply to the War Department for exemption if the person had special skills needed by the company to produce armaments etc.

Leonard R Lord - Brief Case

Austin Penknife about 1915

Presented to Cpl. Sydney Byng by The Austin Motor Co. Ltd.

Longbridge Retirement Present of a Model Rocker Box Cover
(Brass Plaque Says "All The Best Rosie On Your Retirement"

Issued in 1960s

Pocket Watch ex-war surplus
General Service Time Piece (GSTP)

The above badge was on an auto-lathe in the Bren shop West Works

Fire alarm West Works Battery Shop

Soap dispenser

West Works No. 9 Toilets

Anyone for a cup of tea

Clock that hung in the Pay Roll Dept. General Office Block

A Portrait of Herbert Austin (1932) Presented to the Austin Agent
E.W. Stone Ltd. of Bradford-on-Avon. Wiltshire

The above medals were issued when the forge closed down, and not long after the foundry also closed.
They were issued to all employees who had worked in the Longbridge Forge or Foundry.

The medals were made by an outside supplier.

The inscription says:-

Commemorating Twenty Five Years Association With The Austin Motor Company Ltd.


Sir Herbert Austin Brush Set

Golden Crested Car Key

Herbert Austin Office Pin Tray

Austin Jubilee Car Badge

Each machine in the factory was allocated a number.

Austin Ashtray

Early Austin Tie